Why Are You Living With Back Pain?

Everyone who is suffering from back pain should ask themselves why? Why are you suffering with back pain? Why are you putting up with the discomfort, sleepless nights and inability to enjoy simple activities? Now I now this seems harsh. If you are currently suffering from back pain you what help. you want it to end now? You don’t have the time or energy to waste on stupid questions.But the answer is you don’t have time not to ask yourself the question: Why Suffer? If your like most people you will take some pain pills, get some bed rest and more than likey the pain will go away in a few days. However if you do not ask yourself this question you are at a risk of having more pain in the future.The point of this question is to get you to start looking at why your getting those annoying pains in your back and legs in the first place. What we are talking about hear is Prevention! Understanding the underlying causes of your back problems and finding ways to prevent it from recurring again.To often we are quick to grab a pain pill, ease the pain enough to continue with our daily activities and ignore the reasons we get back pain. In a lot of ways it’s like an over weight person who complains about being over weight but continues to ignore the fact that he or she over eats.More and more it is important that we become advocates for our health. Finding waysto stay healthy, active and pain free is critical to our well being especially as we get older. When it come to all the problems and issues that involve back problems prevention really is the key. Here are a few preventive things we can do to reduce the danger of recurring back pain.1. Stay in shape! Keep those core muscles strong. There are numerous exercises you can do to strength core muscles. Of course if you haven’t exercised in a while get your doctor’s okay and find a trainer that can help you with the right exercises. Even daily walking can make a difference.2. Watch your weight! Just a few pounds over your ideal weight can put lots of pressure on your spinal column and cause pain especially if you are also over weight.3. Get plenty of rest! Along with exercise we also need rest.There is nothing like a good night sleep to heal what ails you.4. Know your triggers! Certain exercises, movements, sports, etc can trigger a back ache. Knowing your back pain triggers can help you avoid suffering an aching back.So back to our question: Why are you living with back pain? Understanding what causes your back problems and taking steps to prevent the pain from coming back will go a long way to insuring that you stay pain free. Of course if the pain persists be smart and see a doctor. Presistence back aches can be a sign of more serious back issues.

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